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Best fall 2016 Fashion Trends to Follow

2016 Fall Fashion Fashion Trend Fashions

Fall is the most awaited time of the year. It always brings amazing fashion trends and styles into the limelight. The runways are filled with a combination of old and new trends in fall. This year, fall 2016 is bringing some of the high - fashion looks. It is too early to tell which trends will hit the masses but the fall 2016 fashion is here. Here is a breakdown for the latest fall 2016 fashion trends that you must follow.

Statement Fur

Statement Fur




Fall brings back the statement fur – both faux and real. The fur will be seen on bold prints and colors that really catch the eye. Both the colors and prints will be hitting the street style real soon!


Pink Trend

Pink Is Back

Forget what you know about fall colors and it’s time to think pink. Designers are rejuvenating the fall color palette towards pink. Embrace this 90’s style color palette consisting of pretty pink and rosy pink colors. Wear it head to toe or just add a splash of it on a coat. Focus on a soft color palette this fall.

Tan Colors

Fall 2016 fashion centers on a softer color palette this year. You will be seeing shades of tan everywhere. Wear your favorite outerwear is different shades of tan to make it look chic and sophisticated. From knits, pants and skirts, the color palette is perfect for all. Try muted soft camel shade, its everywhere on the runway.

All Tied Up    


Best fall 2016 Fashion Trends to Follow

The fashion is fixed on bandanas and scarves in fall 2016. The garments will have a lot of connected panels, ribbon neckties and bow blouses. You will also be seeing a lot of oversized laces, metal links and whip stitches for a modern yet edgier appearance. The bows and neckties are also the perfect fall 2016 accessories to go for.

Pretty Plaid

Plaid took over the runway this fall but with a more subtle and cleaner look. The pattern will appear on prints, cocktail dresses and outerwear in a muted tone. Plaid is all about western-inspired and school girl iterations this fall 2016.


2016 fall fashion trend
Off-the-shoulder has been a massive trend in fashion since spring 2015. This coming season, this trend continues to make hype, but the look is amped up with dramatic looks. Fall fashion 2016 off-the-shoulder trend is more about sexy silhouettes, dramatic blouses and luxurious dresses with a subtle tone.

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