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Men's Grooming Skin Care Goals

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Men's Healthy Skin GoalsMost men don’t put their facial grooming habits high on their to do list.  If fact, the wash & go types, believes eye wrinkles give them more character.  The word “character” let face it, is another word for lines and wrinkles.   It has to be a man thing, no woman would ever define a wrinkle on her face as Character.

Men you should have your own products. 

Instead of using creams, lotions or serums made with a  women's formula, you’re better off with products made specifically for men’s skin.   A man skin is thicker, oilier, hairier, with larger pores; consequently men’s skin care product are usually  formulated to penetrate deeper into the thicker skin. 

Men’s grooming goals should be to have clean healthy skin.

Simply put, a good skin care routine suited for your individual needs should produce clean non-irritated healthy looking skin.  A simple basic maintenance program is:

  1. Cleanser For Skin Type
  2. Correct Moisturizer For Current Season & Skin Condition
  3. Protective Sunscreen

Review your skin care products.

It’s a good idea to review your skin care products periodically to make sure you are using the correct products for your skin type.

Rhonda Allison BLUE AGAVE (ENERGIZING CLEANSER)For example, knowing whether or not your face tends to be oily or dry is important when you make your product selections.   Let’s say you have combination skin; if you wash your face daily with a cleanser for acne prone skin, you’ll eventually develop irritating dry skin patches.

Examples of cleansers    (partial  list)       

  • Foaming Gel

Deep cleansing—  works well for combination, oily skin types.  Could be too drying for dry skin types or irritated skin.   

  • Non-Foaming

Non-drying.—Good for dry , sensitive or eczema-prone skin.  Not as deep cleansing and can leave a slight film on face.

  • Soap Free

     Cleansers without sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate.  Good for sensitive types and anyone who finds soaps too harsh. 


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