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Do You Have Kissable Lips?

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Yes guys the ladies do notice. While you’re engaging in what you believe is a fascinating conversation.  Impressing her with your wit, dazzling her with your smile.  All the while she’s looking at you deciding if she wants to kiss you.  We like soft smooth lips.

Kissable Lips

I repeat do you have kissable lips.

As fall approaches so do problems associated with cold weather, dry, cracking and peeling lips.  Activities like going for a walk, jogging or just running a few errands, you need to apply a lip balm before you go outdoors.  The protective waxes will help protect your lips before you start having problems.

Licking your lips when they’re chapped may temporary feel better, but it will actually make things worse.   The protection doesn’t last all day, so you’ll need to re-apply  lip balm several times a day.  Keep one in your pocket because it a good idea to reapply after you eat or drink, or when you wiped your lips.

Kissable Lips

Applying lip balm can be habit forming but isn’t this is a good habit to have.  Choose your lip balm well.

 You should avoid potential irritants like camphor, phenol, eucalyptus, cinnamon and menthol, which may soothe and tingle on contact, but in the long run may irritant your lips.  Some lip balms have exfoliates ingredient like salicylic, which will removed dead cells, but can cause irritation, inflammation and dryness.

 One ingredient you do want in your lip balm, sun protection.  Lips unprotected are at risk of getting skin cancer and other skin condition caused by ultraviolet rays  damage. 


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