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2 Easy Steps To Delay Crow's Feet

1.  Protect

Protect Your From UV Rays

One way to delay crow’s feet  is to protect your eyes from UV ray exposure.

Shield your eyes by wearing sunglasses with an oversized or wrap-around frame and 98 to 100% UV protection.

Wearing sunglasses will prevent you for squinting, which over time leads to unwanted lines around your eyes, in other words, crow’s feet.

Apply sunscreen daily around the eye area, even on cold, cloudy, rainy days, UVA rays, the aging ray, is also present.  Even though you don’t see UVA rays or feel them, those bad boys are creating harmful wrinkle causing free radicals in your body.  Can you say, crow’s feet. 

constant squinting can cause crows feet

 2.  Treat

Treating with topical products are important when trying to prevent or reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes. .

Typically eye creams are heavier than facial moisturizer, because very little sebaceous glands exist around the eyes.

Using the appropriate eye cream around the eyes, can not only plump fine lines, help firm or hydrate dryness but a good eye cream will also help prevent deep wrinkles.

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