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4 Facial Mask For Today's Lifestyle

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I truly believe in the benefits of using a facial mask and the usage of various  types of mask often.   Recently during a conversation with a facial client about her skin care products,  I asked her, “why people don’t use mask more often”.  She replied “when she thinks of using a mask the image comes to mind, of a woman sitting in a hot bath, candles, relaxing spa music playing in the background and her face covered with some sort of gook.”

STOP….First, what wrong with this picture!

First of all, these days it’s hard enough for anyone to carve out a half hour to themselves.  Who has time to run a bath and sit for 20  -  30 minutes listening to… what did she say?  Relaxing spa music!!

Okay, let’s get real here and talk about reality…. 

Old-style facial masks were applied to the face in a thick layer.

Todays facial mask is more functional intended to be used to correct skin problems or maintain your skin’s health.   You don’t have to put on a mask, then sit and wait for it to work.  Moreover, they come in a variety of forms that not only matches your skin’s needs, but will also fit into your lifestyle. 

 Let’s examine the following 4 facial mask types:

  •  Leave-on mask  
  • Hydrogel sheet mask
  • Mud/Clay Mask
  • Cream Mask

History Of The Mask

4 Facial Mask For Today's Lifestyle image2Benefits of Using Facial Mask      

The first facial mask can be traced back to Egyptian woman who use clay, often mixing milk, honey, fruits and Herbs.  It has been said Cleopatra applied a dead sea mud face mask twice a week to cleanse her skin. Additionally, she also applied egg whites to her face.

They provide fast, deep moisturization; skin repair; sebum (oil)  absorption or removal; and skin rejuvenation.

Mask ingredients can be used to tone and tighten your skin; hydrate or nourish it.  You can use a mask to draw out impurities and heal blemishes.   With the correct mask you can rejuvenate, calm and soothe your skin. 

Examples of different types of facial mask:

Clay Mask  -  Clay, kaolin or bentonite mask help tighten; absorb sebum  (oil) and dirt from the surface of the skin.   (See list below for clay types)

Detoxifying Mask  Removes accumulated impurities from pores 

Peel Off Mask  - Dries quickly and the residual film is removed in a continuous  peel able form after a specified amount of time.  Peel Off Mask Problems

Cream or Gel Masks  -  Have ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin.  

Hydrogel Sheet Mask  -    Sheet masks delivers high concentrations of active ingredients to the skin.  Used for various skin such as hyperpigmentation or dryness

Leave On (Sleep in) Mask   -  They provide the skin with an intense treatment, because they are left undisturbed on the skin for a longer amount of time.  The active ingredients have time to be absorbed and take effect, thereby, treating the skin on a deeper level for better results.

SAIAN Natural Clinical has a Botanical Stem Cell Mask you sleep with it on.  It doesn’t rub off on your pillow.  You remove with a light wash, the next morning

Rhonda Allison Dermapeel

Is it a facial mask or exfoliant? 

As in the case of a gommage…..A gommage is applied to the skin like a mask.  As it starts drying the enzymes digest surface dead skin cells.  You massage it until the cumulate in to granules, then remove it by gently rub it off along with the dead cells.  An exfoliating mask removes dead surface cells, to encourage healthy skin rejuvenation, lighten dark pigmentation or reduce problems associated with the aging process.

 How Long Do You Leave The Mask On?

Times range between  10  - 30  minutes depending on the mask type.

How often should you use a mask?

It depends.  Some mask, such as a AHA  you may use only once a week or once a month.  There are hydrating mask you may want to use as often as needed.  Select your mask according to your skin needs.

Here’s a skin care tip esthetician for you.

Let’s say you would like to intensify your skin’s hydration level.    Apply a thin layer of hyaluronic serum to your skin, then apply your cream or gel mask. 

Or try layering your favorite anti-aging serum to increase the benefits of the active ingredients in the serum.  

Caution here…. 

This method will help penetrate the “actives” in your serum deeper into the skin.  So choose wisely.  You don’t want to push the wrong ingredient into the skin.  You may not like the results.  Check with your esthetician to see which serums are safe to use this method with.

Clay Mask Types  (Mud)

  • Bentonite Clay Normal   -   Oily Skin     Pulls out toxins and impurities from the skin
  • French Green Clay (sea clay) Normal  -  Oily Skin       Detoxify, Healing  Anti-inflammatory. Very good for acne.
  • White Clay (Kaolin) Sensitive skin Mildest of all clays.  Soothes irritable skin and skin prone to breakouts, rashes and redness.  Absorb excess oils in pores
  • Moroccan Red Clay Oily  -  Acne Prone Skin    Blackheads Control and clogged pores,   absorb impurities and detoxify the skin 

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