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5 Advantages of Having A Licensed Skin Care Coach

Skin Care Tips

Will you look at the mirror and wish you had taken better care it? 

Picture two women looking at their reflection in the mirror. One is smiling at herself while the other wishes she had been just a little more concerned about their face when they had the time.  what will your skin look like in 10 years

We are all growing older, but how healthy we look is optional.  Mature skin may show reflects past lifestyle choices.   What will your face look like five to ten years from now? 

Have you ever met a mature woman with such glowing skin, all you see is beauty instead of her express lines.    Yet another mature woman will wear so much makeup, trying to cover up years of neglect,  it  looks like she are wearing a mask.

Be concerned about how your skin will look after you stop wearing makeup.  

Make the right choices now.

When you are young, your skin is healthy, smoother and plumper.  It requires little to no makeup to look glamorous.  However, as the years go by, your skin becomes more sun damaged, less vibrant.   To keep that awesome look, along the way, you’ll need assistance from skin care products to repair it.

There is a science behind skin care!   Don’t select your skin care products by Trial and Error.

The skin care manufacturer constantly put new products on the market with “active” ingredients to slow down the aging process; help your skin maintain a youthful healthy look and blemish free.  But, selecting and using an incorrect product can and will damage your skin very quickly.  Repairing it and bringing it back to a healthy state takes a lot longer.  

You no longer buy skin care products just for your skin type. You need to consider your skin’s condition and needs as well.   Your lifestyle, stress level, environmental damage and diet affect your skin either in a positive or negative way. 

In 10 Years What Will Your Face Look Like? Image1

When selecting your skin care products, be aware that your skin is unique, different from your friends or relatives. Their products are not necessary beneficial for you or even work on your skin’s condition. 

 In addition, your skin is constantly renewing itself, changing.  It’s because of this natural renewal process, you have a wonderful opportunity to improve your skin, repair sun damage, rebuild collagen and protect new skin cells.

The ingredients in your skin care products are important.  

You should consider the following questions when selecting skin care products.

  • What benefits do they bring to your skin?
  • How will your skin respond to the ingredient combination?
  • What is the correct skin care ingredients for your skin condition?
  • What is the immediate goal for your skin?
  • How much time are you willing to invest in achieving the goal?
In 10 years what will your skin look like image2

Each stage of your skin’s life cycle requires a different skin care routine in order to keep a natural healthy look.    As a license esthetician, I will be your skin care consultant to help you avoid the “trial and error” complications of putting together a skin care routine.

5 Advantages Of Having A Skin Care Consultant

  5 advantages of having a skin care consultant

  1. New Skin Cells
  2. Skin Seasonal Changes
  3. Hormonal Change Skin Problems
  4. Skin Side Effects From Medication
  5. State Licensed With Experience

You’ve used beauty products all your life. 

Have you ever brought skin care products, love them….. Then, suddenly, for no reason at all, they stop working. 

Well, there is a very good reason.      As the famous breakup line says, it’s not them it’s you.  In this case, it’s not the skin care products, it is you.  Don’t be sad.  Let's have a conversation.

New Skin Cells

shedding dead cells

It’s your skin, it is very active, constantly changing. You’re shedding dead cells all over the place and generating new ones.    When you pass 50, it could as long as 37 days to replace the stratum corneum.  We all get tired after a while.

Now that you have new skin.   Remember that product you bought three months ago?  Is your skin in the same condition.?  If the answer is yes, then let’s go to the next question.

Skin Seasonal Changes

Has the season changed since you purchased your skin care product?  Your summer products should not be the same as your winter products.  Individuals with combination skin have to learn to control their drier areas of their face as well as the oily areas as the same time. 

See , this is why a skin consultant’s experience would be helpful.

Next situation!

skin side effects from medication

Hormonal Change Skin Problems

Pregnancy and birth control pills can product a temporary change in skin pigmentation.  The reduction or lack of estrogen in menopausal skin produces thinner less supple skin.  Sebum, your oil, increases and the return of acne or appearance of seborrheic dermatitis occurs.

Skin Side Effects From Medication

Some medications have been recognized as “sun-sensitizing”.  Photo-sensitivity from medication is very damaging to your skin when you are exposed to the sun.   Osmosis Skin Care has a comprehensive list of photosensitive medication.

Photosensitivity (or sun sensitivity) is inflammation of the skin induced by the combination of sunlight and certain medications or substances. This causes redness (erythema) of the skin and may look similar to sunburn. Both the photosensitizing medication or chemical and light source have to be present in order for a photosensitivity reaction to occur.

Aspirin and blood thinners   …….Bruise more easily and larger than normal

Antibiotics   …………………..………...Increase sun sensitivity, burn more easily.

Diuretics   …………………………………Dries out your skin.

physical trainer

An experienced skin care consultant, is your physical trainer for your skin. 

 Let me explain.

Picture this, you sign up for a new exercising problem at the gym.  At first seeing so many exercising equipment can be overwhelming.  Then you’re assigned an Equipment Specialist, a physical trainer, to demonstrate how to use the equipment safety.  After you learn how to use the equipment you feel less intimated with your exercise routine.

That’s What I Do………..   

I give you my 25 years of  experience of being a licensed esthetician, to help you feel comfortable navigating around your skin care routine and problems.  My education and expertise compels me to focus not only on your skin’s surface problems, but also the  health of your skin at the cellular level.

The behavior and science of skin is not for amateurs who want to make extra money selling products. 

Your skin care consultant  should stay abreast of the FDA Skin Care Ingredient Warning Alert report to skin care companies    Do you know if your product is on the list? Does your consultant assist you by researching through scientific studies conducted and written about relating to your skin’ problem?  Why not?

Your consultant should know when an OTC skin care product you have an interest in, is making the claim it is, “the best skin care” ever and it will solve all your facial problems.  Any experience esthetician will know the difference between marketing terms and ingredient terms. 

 Don’t Be Confused

 “If you need a “skin” consultant, please see Certified Dermatologist.   A “Skin Care” Consultant will advise you and make recommendations on the care of your skin and the products you use.

 As in the case if are experiencing cystic acne or severe acne, it is probable you’ll need prescription medications from a dermatologist. 

What Moisturizer Do You Use?

Moisturizing daily is an important step managing dry skin.  Choose one that targets not only your skin type but the it’s condition also.

Examine its ingredients.  The ingredient composition of the moisturizer controls how it will  effect your skin barrier function. 

Some moisturizers may have ingredients that weaken the skin barrier function, while others strengthen it. 

When you choose yours,,,,

It’s a good time to ask, “What's In It For Me”.  5 advantages of having a licensed skin care consultant image 5

Schedule a private skin consulting session with A Younger You Skin Care licensed specialist to answer your skin care questions.


Let recap the reasons you should work with a skin care consultant

  1. New Skin Cells
  2. Skin Seasonal Changes
  3. Hormonal Change Skin Problems
  4. Skin Side Effects From Medication
  5. State Licensed With Experience

Be Part of a growing TREND   Work with your very own your personal Esthetician, don’t be a slave to an inexperienced sales person trying to sell you products you don’t need. 

Follow link for information on workshops, skincare and product evaluation sessions:  Skin Care Consultation    

Schedule your workshop to at A Younger You Skin Care, located in Aiken, SC

Knowledge Is Power.  

Learn to how do a Pumpkin Spice Facial at home

Pumpkin Spice Facial Recipe

  1. Cleanse with Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser
  2. Exfoliate with Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme
  3. Soothe with Milk and Grape Seed Parfait Mask
  4. Add a Drop of Essence Hydration Drops
  5. Seal with a (skin care consultant suggest) moisturizer


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