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5 Things You Need To Know About Sunscreen Labels

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5 things you need to know about sunscreen labels


Sunscreens have met FDA’s broad-spectrum testing, measuring the UVA protection in relation to the UVB protection.

Once the sunscreen has passed the broad-spectrum test, it can carry the label “broad-spectrum”,  demonstrating  it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Only SPF 15 or higher sunscreens can say they reduce skin premature aging or they reduce the threat of skin cancer.


Measures how long a sunscreen will protect your skin against sunburn.  SPF over 50 has shown to offer a marginal amount of more UV rays protection compared to sunscreens with SPF 50 and under. The FDA recommended that SPF be limited at 50+ except when the manufacturer provides information that supports a higher SPF number.

 New Terminology

“Water-resistant” or “very water-resistant”

Outdated labeling, no-longer accepted by FDA:  “waterproof “, “sweat proof” “sunblock”

 Sunscreen Manufacturer Product Safety Assertions

Manufacturers can no longer say their sunscreen is immediately effective or provides more than two hours of UV rays protection unless approved by the FDA.

Skincare products containing sunscreen not eligible for the new labeling without individual product approval. 

  • Wipes
  • towelettes
  • powders
  • body washes
  • shampoo

Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV rays.  Shop Today! 

Neova DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY - SPF 44

Neova DNA Damage Control sunscreen  has DNA repair enzymes as well as antioxidants, and zinc oxide.   UV rays from the sun not only burn your skin, they damage  your DNA.

 If science could repair the sun-damaged DNA in your skin, it reduce your risk of skin cancer.   In addition, your skin would look young, smooth and healthy looking. 

What’s in your sunscreen?

Neova DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY - SPF 44 has  DNA repair technology to reduce visible signs of the aging.  The antioxidants added help neutralize damaging “free radicals”

Here are a few of my sunscreen’s antioxidant superstar  ingredients:

  • Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) gives some protection against UV-induced DNA damage,
  • Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) helps protect against sunburn.

Anyone can wear my sunscreen, even you sensitive types..

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