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Are You Seeing White Spots?

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Are You Seeing Spots?

No, not white spots before your eyes.  The white spots you’re starting to see on your arms and legs.They have a name and that name is IGH (Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis).  Don’t worry, they’re  benign.  With IGH, the white spots will usually appear on any exposed area on the body, including arms, legs, upper back, and face.   It’s believed the primary cause of IGH is the cumulated effect of unprotected sun exposure rather than age.

IGH is more commonly seen in light skinned people.  But as dark skinned people age, the round white spots will appear on any unprotected exposed areas of their bodies.    Because women expose their legs more,  IGH will manifest earlier on women than men.  Guys, you’ll get your share of white spots, it will just a little longer.  Think about that fact when you wear basketball shorts or when you take your shirt off to play your game.  Can you say....white spots?

Unlike hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), once IGH appears on your body, they cannot be removed without causing more damage.    Wearing sunscreen is your best defense to help prevent the spotted look.

Still don’t believe you should wear sunscreen?  Sneak a look at your auntie’s arms or legs at the next family reunion and see your future. 

Ask me about Neova SmartSkincare sunscreen for the face.  It looks good on all skin tones, feels light and silky and will definitely not break you out. 


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