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Dermal Rolling — Beware

Anti-aging Lines & Wrinkles Skin Care Tips

Derma Rolling

Dermal rolling intensify the absorption and potency of all topical products, applying products with irritating or toxic ingredients can result in increased irritation or toxicity in your blood stream.     Dr. Lance Setterfield  “The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling”

Your skincare ingredients choice is extremely important. Some ingredients are known carcinogens, toxins, irritants, and are harmful to the skin when used topically.

A Younger You Skin Care Center has made it possible for you to use a medical cosmeceutical skin care line.  You can now buy your products directly from Osmosis  +Pur Medical Skincare’s secure website from the comfort of your home.

Who is Osmosis +Pur Medical Skincare

Osmosis treats the body as a whole because they understand the connection between the skin and other organs as well as immune system health.

    • Developed By A Doctor
    • Proven Clinical Scientific Research
    • Natural Solutions
    • Oncology Friendly

Osmosis Skin Care offers a collection of facial products that are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin because they are infused with nutrients that are highly efficacious and yet non-inflammatory.  

They have over 17 patents pending for ingredients that have the unique ability to improve the skin without damaging or interfering with its proper function.  Osmosis skincare line avoids ingredients that weaken and inflame the skin. 

Their formulate their products without artificial preservatives or fragrances.

Login To:  www.  -  Use A Younger You Skin Care Code  5240360 or Click This Link

Not sure which product is best for your skin type or condition.  Contact me and ’ll help you with your selections.   803 747-2255 ask for Lois


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