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Retinols - Anti-aging Derivatives Of Vitamin A

Aging Skin Facial Serums Lines & Wrinkles Sun Damage

Vitamin A

Powerhouse Derivatives of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that has several important functions in the body.  In this case I’m only addressing the way it helps cells reproduce using retinoids.  

Vitamin A SourceThe term "retinoids" refers to vitamin A and the various molecules derived from vitamin A.

You may be familiar with the non prescription ingredient, retinol .

Using a topical retinol skin care product daily will lead to visible improvement in fine wrinkling, smoothness, and hyperpigmened  sun damage skin. Biochemically retinol achieve the same goal.  

Retin A and Tretinoin are examples of  prescription based retinolds. 

According to the medical community... "while retinoids are effective in the treatment of skin aging, irritant reactions such as burning, scaling or dermatitis related to prescription based retinoid therapy, limits their usage by patients".

Retinol, neova and rhonda allison

Retinols are available  in various strengths and usually more tolerable with less side effects.  If you have sensitive skin, (see retinaldehyde below)  it best to start with a mild concentration, training the skin to tolerate a stronger concentration.

The term "retinoids" refers to vitamin A and the various molecules derived from
vitamin A, which itself is also known as retinol.  In the skin, Retinol converts to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid.   Retinoic acid effects cellular processes in both the epidermis and dermis.

What is photoaging?

Photoaging means the premature aging of skin taking place due to cumulative exposure to ultraviolet radiation. 

Scientific signs of photoaging include fine and coarse wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, hyperpigmented patches that occur in sun-exposed skin; also known as liver spots or age spots, freckles, roughness, broken capillaries in the skin.

Use your retinoid on the tops of your hands, your neck and your chest regularly, too.  Best Ingredients To Smooth Out Chest Wrinkles  

Retinaldehyde   -  

a natural form of vitamin A, retinol precursor  -   created by the body before being converted to retinol.


  • Wrinkle reduction 
  • Acne treatment
  • Gentler than other retinols
  • FDA approved
  • Does not need a prescription

 Who Should Use Retinaldehyde

  • Experienced moderate to severe side effects from products that had pure vitamin A (retinol)
  • Thin or sensitive skin
  • Acne

Acne Treatment

Gentle yet effective in facilitating cell turnover, allowing dying and dead skin cells to slough away at a faster rate, which exposes new, healthier skin cells.  Without causing further inflammation.

Wrinkle Reduction

Individuals with sensitive skin, who suffer the side effect of retinol products, may want to take a look at retinaldehyde.  Retinaldehyde is gentler on the skin .

People with sensitive skin has shown to be more tolerate to retinaldehyde than other forms of retinol,  allowing them the benefits of retinol,  with a less chance of irritation.  But there is a trade-off.  Because retinaldehyde is not as strong as the other form.  You need to add additional anti-aging ingredients. 

If you have sensitive skin and would like to fight the signs of aging with retinol skin care products without suffering the side effects, take this approach. 

Skin Care Routine

Use retinaldehyde skin care product at night, like Rhonda Allison ChronoPeptide A than boost the ant-aging benefits by using Rhonda Allison Peptide 38  every morning.


My Recommendations:

 Neova Dual Matrix [Retinol + DNA]

Neova Dual Matrix [Retinol + DNA], a skin refining treatment, combines Retinol+ DNA Repair Enzymes

Neova Dual Matrix Retiniol
Targets and exfoliates visible trouble spots caused by photo aging and hormonally induced acne 

  • Non-irritating and replenishing ingredients
  • Reduces the visible signs of photo damage and other known environmental damage with DNA repair enzymes

Who Should Use:

Anyone with a lot of sun damage and  their skin is slow to heal.  Combining Neova Dual Matrix with Neova Power Defense will increase the healing benefits of DNA copper peptides

ChronoPeptide A provides a firmer, brighter-looking skin, more toned. A prescription not needed to bring about impressive benefits with this Vitamin A serum. Rhonda Allison ChronoPeptide uses retinaldehyde, a less irritating precursor to retinoic acid.

Retinol Supreme is a retinol anti-aging serum that works deep into the skin for maximum skin regeneration support. Rhonda Allison Retinol Supreme improves your skin’s texture, diminished fine lines, capillary strengthening, and an overall healthier appearance.  

Purchase Your Vitamin A Powerhouse from Loisstores Today!! Or contact A Younger You Skin Care Center for assistant.  803 747-2255

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