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Skin Care Consultant To The Rescue

You walk into your favorite beauty product wonderland store and you suddenly see a barrage of lotions, potions and creams. Oh-my what should you do or buy? What type of skin do you have? You’re sudden confused. question

You have break-outs from time to time, so you must have oily skin. But wait, when you wake up in the morning, the skin around your mouth is dry, so you must have dry skin.

Your head is spinning. 

You want to make the right choice. Then you remembered something you heard about combination skin, that settles it, you have combination skin. 

Next step, you need a cream to get rid of wrinkles. You recently saw a TV commercial that told you about a new product that will solve all your problems. Great, now you have the best wrinkle cream on the market. What’s next?

Half an hour later, you happily leave product wonderland with all your
goodies. You go home in a shopper’s blissful glow, you empty your bags and say to yourself, what do I do now? 

Skip Forward One Week.Skincare Consultant for season change

You start to notice little problems on your skin, something is wrong , but you can’t put your finger on. So what do you do, you make another journey back to product wonderland and purchase another product to fix your skin. This time around you see a little change, but something is still not quite right. 

You feel confused. Its all so frustrating. 

All you want is to find the best skin care product for your money. Where do you go to get help? You search on Google and you ask your friends. You understand you have to go to a dermatologist for your medical needs. But, where do you go for support for your aesthetic needs? 

Ta-dah, Lois Herbert, to your rescue, as a licensed esthetician, I can assist you with your aesthetic needs. 

After your Skin Consultant Services you become more comfortable making your skin care product selections. You’ll have a better understanding of your skin type. 

The major cause of skin sensitivity is triggered by incorrect skin care product selections and usage.

You will also learn how to avoid selecting products that could further damage your skin, thereby, accelerating the aging process. 

Schedule your private consultation session today so you will no longer make a confused and frustrating journey into product wonderland. 

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