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Tale Of Two Neova DNA Total Repair SOS Sample Boxes

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Backstory:  Neova SmartSkincare gave out sample packets of DNA Total Repair in boxes labeled SOS. 

First Story

Anyone who knows me has heard me say how much I regret not taking care of the skin on my neck.   I’ve always taken great care of my skin,  selecting face and body products with ingredients to keep it healthy looking.   It’s a habit my mother taught me.  Now at the age of  68, my collagen and elasticity  levels are hanging in there.  Not so with the neck.

Six or seven years ago I noticed how fast it was changing.  Needless to say, it caught my attention.  

I started using various serums and creams on my neck to see if I could reverse the environmental  damage.   I took pictures of my neck to monitor the progress.   I’ll detail my antiaging plan another time.  My progress pictures showed me the horizontal aging lines were staying soft.  The little bubble I saw under my chin has reduced a little, but has not gone away.   

I was happy with the results I was getting with my current summer skin care routine and I didn’t want to disturb my skin with additional cosmeceutical ingredients.  So I decided to use my samples on my neck.    When I first applied  DNA Total Repair to my neckI wonder image, I liked the way it made my skin look.  After a few days, I thought my skin looked better.   Mentally, I was telling myself it was wishful thinking.   But what the heck, I believed I looked good, so I continued using it. 

Two weeks ago while doing yard work , I made the mistake of not reapplying sunscreen to my decollete area and arms.  I told myself it would only take a few more minutes to complete my chore.  Fifteen minutes later I felt the sun’s heat on my left arm.   I knew I made a judgement error.  I got burned.  Every esthetician knows what long term sun damage looks like and I just did that to my skin.   Okay, don’t panic, think repair.   I applied my Rhonda Allison C-Peptide to my chest and arm.  Yes, I washed first.  Then, I applied Neova DNA Total Repair.  The next day, my  decollate started to peel a little. Not good!  
Total Repair, Ystera, C-PeptideI used my Ystera  Renewing Body Polish to get rid of the skin that was flaking.  Then I layered  Rhonda Allison C-peptide followed with a layer of Neova DNA Total Repair, completing the treatment with a shea butter balm application.  Instead of using my regular body sunscreen,  I used the “good stuff”, Neova DNA Damage Control Everyday sunscreen.  I normally reserve it for my face and neck only because of the cost.  Forget the cost; I saw chest wrinkles in my future. 


 For the last two weeks, the routine for my neck and  decollete has been:  Rhonda Allison C-Peptide, Neova DNA Total Repair, with an additional application of Rhonda Allison Antioxidant Complex.  In the morning, I put on a good layer of sunscreen and reapply it several times a day depending on my outside activity.   At night I followed the same steps
 but I used Rhonda Allison Amino Peptide Moisturizer instead of a sunscreen.

I liked the results I was seeing.   Recently, I received a compliment on how the skin on my decollete
my decollete looked.  So, it wasn’t my imagination.  Normally I don’t take pictures, I’m kind of camera shy.  But I have to show you,  otherwise how would you believe me.  As I said I’m 68 years old.

DNA Total Repair Study






Second Story

I received an email from a client, to quote her.  “Could I pick up another  a box of the  SOS, Sarah got sun burned and it worked amazingly well!!” SOS DNA Total Repair Sample    Her next email quote,  “YIKES! That DNA stuff is gold! “    My client was on vacation with her daughter and her daughter got sunburned.    Her daughter is very fair skinned and burns really easy.  According to my client, when they got home from the beach, her daughter’s face was red and angry.  She gave the DNA Total Repair samples to her daughter to use.  The next morning, her daughter’s face was calm.  No peeling or blistering.  Hence the email. 

 In Conclusion

I do want to mention this fact, as much as I like Neova DNA Total Repair.   If you have oily skin I would caution its usage.  In the summer my skin is combination to slightly oily, that’s why I won’t use it on my face.  But, the skin on my neck is older and the rejuvenation process is slower and needs more help to look youthful.

The End

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