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The Difference Between Physical Sunscreen And Chemical Sunscreen

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The action of sunscreening ingredients vary from implementing their action through blocking, reflecting, and scattering sunlight.

Physical sunscreens blockers sits on the skin and scatter light or reflect UV rays.   Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two FDA approved physical compounds.

Chemical sunscreens typically work by absorbing  the energy of UV rays and converting it to heat that is dispersed in the skin. List of FDA approved chemical sunscreen below.

There is evidence that some chemical compounds may cause skin reactions such as dermatitis.   While physical sunscreen blockers as a rule do not.  Although, an adverse reaction could be due to a high level of fragrance or alcohol used in the sunscreen product.   Avoid this problem with Neova DNA Damage Control Neova DNA Repair Tinted SunscreenNeova DNA Repair Sunscreen EverydaySmartSunscreen

 Physical sunscreen compounds  zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are not absorbed by the skin.   Because they are better tolerated by most skin types, they are great choices for people with sensitive or reactive skin.   You’ll find sunscreens for sensitive skin with one or both of these ingredients.   In fact, Zinc Oxide is also an anti-irritant and skin protectant, commonly found in sensitive skin care lines. 

One drawback of physical sunscreens is they have a tendency to leave a white cast or white streak and don’t offer as much UVA protection compared to chemical ingredients.  For this reason, today’s sunscreens usually contain both physical and chemical UV filters ingredients. 


Physical Sunscreen

Zinc Oxide

Titanium Dioxide


Chemical Sunscreen

Octocrylene          Avobenzone         Octinoxate         Octisalate  

Oxybenzone         Homosalate           Mexoryl SX         Mexoryl XL  

Tinosorb-S              Tinosorb-M             Helioplex           4-MBC  

Uvinul T-150           Uvinul A-Plus

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