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Why Your Skin Care Consultant Should Be An Esthetician?

Skin Care Tips

Skincare Consultant is a physical trainer



Your skin care consultant is a physical trainer for your skin.   I don’t know about you, but when I work out alone I cheat.  However, when I’m in front of a gym instructor, I push to the bitter end.  I’m your trainer…..  

Because I'm a licensed Esthetician and I can touch your skin.  I use my 20 plus years of experience in the skin care industry to determine your skin type and condition.  

When I work with you as your personal 'Skin Care Consultant'.  Your skin's health is important to me.   My goal... Make your skin look as good as possible. 

A former hairstylist, who was very well known at the time, saw me in public and did not approve of my hair.  He said to me “if your hair looks bad, it reflects on me”.   I never forgot that statement. 

That’s why each client I work with becomes my most important client.  Your skin’s health reflects on my abilities.  Let me say,  I like to “look good”.


I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

Skin Consulting Session

Step One......

You and I will sit down and actually have a conversation.  Remember when people use to talk to each other.

 We talk about what you want from your skin care products.  What kind of daily routine are you willing to do to achieve your facial goals.    Are your goals achievable?  How much time will be needed to obtain your goals.  Should you seek alternative anti-aging methods like fillerssurgery or laser resurfacing?

Step Two…..

I do a hands-on examination of your skin.  Why do I need to touch your skin? 

I’m looking for:

  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Dryness/Dehydration
  • Pore Size and Skin Texture
  • How Your Skin Reacts To Products. 

Step Three…..

Current Product Evaluation -  Why is it important to evaluate all your current skin care products?

Because you spent your money on them and you expected them to work.  Nuff said… 

I also want to make sure your products have the correct ingredients to get the results you're expecting and will not cause undesirable consequences, such as inflammation or sensitivity.

I’ve seen people whose skin care routine consisted of a cleanser for oily skin and a moisturizer for dry skin. 

Why your skincare consultant should be an esthetician

Another client was using a cleanser for dry skin, two exfoliates and a mask for oily skin.  Her skin was going crazy.  


Did you know the average skin care consumer will buy a product they saw advertised on TV because a celebrity told them to do so.  Or purchase a product a friend recommended, not knowing if it will help their skin condition.  You know the friend with oily skin.  So what if your skin is sensitive, it worked for her.  During my consultation sessions I find, even when people do buy the right products, they will use them incorrectly.

Another Scenario  -  Over Correction

What is over correction?  You start out with a simple skin care problem.  You take steps to correct it, but you take the wrong path, thus creating a more complicated or multitude of problems.

In this situation it will take time to correct.   Again you ask.  Why?  Because you have back track to the original problem.  Picture unraveling a knot.  Along each step you have to address every issue separately until the skin is back in balance.

Skin Care Detective

Your skin’s health becomes a wonderful mystery for me to solve. It brings out the geekdom in me.  I get to play detective. 

Why your skincare consultant should be an esthetician image2

Healthy skin has many parts or characters.  Here are a few clues?


What Causes Our Skin To Age

Why are baths and moisturizer so important when treating eczema 


Diet and Acne Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging


 Medications that Increase Sensitivity To Light

 How does your skin care ingredients interacting with your skin? 

At different stages of your life, your skin will need the topical support from cosmeceutical ingredients. Such as, an ingredient to protect your collagen proteins.  Or an ingredient to protect your skin cells life cycle.

Are your grooming habits correct your skin or are they the cause of the problems?

Think about this.  You have vellus (the fuzzy) hair on your cheeks and little dark hairs on your lip.  You do your own hair removal at home and it worked really well, so now you're hairless.  The next day, you decide it's time to do a deep cleanse.  You use your exfoliating products. This is a skin problem in its development stage. You have now over exfoliated, which could lead to dry and inflamed skin. 

Are you using the correct products? 

Just because it was advertised as an anti-aging serum, doesn't mean it’s a serum for lines and wrinkles.  It may have the ingredients for dark spots, which occurs during the aging process.  So technically it is an anti-aging serum.  Just not the one you need.

 A New Beginning For Skin

Why your skincare consultant should be an esthetician image3

We’ll conclude your consultation session with demonstrations.

  • How to determine what parts of your skin is oily or dry  
  • How to apply your products to balance your skin.
  • How to avoid product wastage
  • Tips To Maneuver Around Your Products

After your session you still have my help. 

I don’t expect you to remember everything we talked about, so I’ll send you a written follow-up about our discussion.

You’ll receive a personal outline of your “Current Skin Type & Condition”

 If your grooming habits are contributing to your skin conditions, I’ll list them.

I also give you list of products to address, correct, improve or balance your skin’s health

Have I made my case of, “Why Your Skin Care Consultant Should Be An Esthetician?”   Yes of course I’m auditioning for the job... 

Why your skincare consultant should be an esthetician image3

In conclusion, let me say...

The beauty industry is changing fast with wonderful new anti-aging ingredient based technology.  Do you have time to keep abreast of all the new exciting things happening?

Wouldn’t it nice after you read or heard about the latest, newest, bests skin care thing on the market, to be able to ask an expert you trust to tell you the truth? 

That’s my job.   

Email me today to schedule your appointment,

See you soon, Lois

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