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Ystara-The Only Body Polish For Me

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Does your skin have a  springtime radiant glow.  Or, your skin has a dull lackluster look.    So what is the problem?   You’re looking at a build up of dead skin cells.  Yep, all winter long layers of dead cells have been building. 

You need to prepare your skin for the summer by gently removing dead skin cells. 

"Gently" is the keyword here, over exfoliation can increase sun sensitivity.  I like using enzyme creams or peels, they’re less abrasive.  Enzyme creams and peels not only exfoliate, they can hydrate, help reduce acne causing bacteria, improve hyperpigmentation and increase cell turnover, resulting in a glowing softer looking skin. 

Many years ago, while working at a holistic spa,Ytsara Body Scrub I discovered Ytsara Renewing Body Polish and fell in love with it.  It was used as the exfoliating step in their body wrapping beauty ritual.  The clients raved about it.  If you looked fast, you would spot them touching their skin and smiling.     The spa technician who gave the body scrub treatment always had soft smooth hands at the end of the service.   Ytsara Renewing Body Polish uses gentle exfoliating powders, unlike the sugar and salt ingredients found in most body scrubs.  This makes it the perfect body exfoliant for the summer.  

Since then, I’ve used Renewing Body Polish as the exfoliating step for my spa body treatments and it’s the only body scrub I use at home. 

A little back story.   Recently I ran out of my supply  at home.  I literally began searching my closets looking for my emergency jar.  When I found it, it had just a little, not enough for my entire body.    I liked the way my skin looked and felt when I used it and I WAS OUT! 

Why I love Ytsara

Normally when you run out of a bath product you go to the local store and buy it.  Here’s the problem: Renewing Body Polish is not sold in the stores,  it’s only used and sold in destination resorts and spas.   First thing Monday morning I ordered a new supply.  The Ytsara customer service representative thought my reaction was funny, she told me to check out the website description.  

Ytsara uses the following words to describe their body polish:

"This highly addictive body scrub detoxifies and exfoliates, allowing new  skin to flourish under botanical rich elements.  Red rice, traditionally  used in Asia as a skin refiner, removes dead cells, aloe vera, almond and cucumber nourish, while pure lavender essential oil calms and soothes.  Imparts a luminous glow to the body." 

Ok I admit it.  I was acting like I needed a fix.  Exfoliating PowdersHey what’s in this body polish?  The key  ingredients are:  

  • Red Jasmine Rice Powder   -  Gently exfoliates
  • Corn Cob Powder  -   Removes dead skin cells & unclogs skin pores without irritation.
  • Cocoa Shell Powder   -  Rich in phenylethylamine, which stimulates and energizes the skin and body, plus theobromine, a lipolitic molecule that acts similar to caffeine to drain and detoxify.

They go on to say “treat yourself to this scrub that detoxifies, exfoliates and nourishes your skin.”   “You should experience the scrub for yourself.  We love it and we hope you do too!”  

Needless to say, it is a great experience.  If you’re the type of person who wants softYtsara Body Scrub smooth skin and enjoys body polishes, join me in this addiction.  Oh, did I forget to mention,  I ordered enough for you to take a jar home. 


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