At-home peel treatments promote skin health

You don’t always need to go to the spa or clinic; you're able to do a peel treatment from the comfort of your own home.

At-home peel treatments are a way to boost the benefits of your skincare routine while you’re between professional facials, or if it’s part of your monthly budget, it’s an easy way to have glowing, healthy skin.

They work by clearing away dead skin cells, debris, and pigmentation, as well as decongesting the skin and increasing cellular turnover to reveal brighter, healthier, and more youthful-looking skin.

An additional benefit of doing home peel treatments is that, by removing dead surface cells, your skincare active ingredients penetrate more effectively.

At-home peel treatment is not as penetrating as in a clinic peel, and the ingredients are not as strong, but you will still be able to see visible results you won’t get from your regular skincare products.

Here's a tip for you DIY peels

To get the best possible results from your home peel; four to six weeks before you do a peel, start a full skin care routine comprising professional grade products such as a pH balanced cleanser, barrier strengthening peptide serums, and a hydrating moisturizer.  This routine will allow for more successful result, 

The Rejuvenating & Brightening Home Peel    

is perfect to keep your skin younger-looking, soft and radiant when you can’t make time for a professional peel.  It is vital to use the Skin Rehab post care provided and only do this peel every 14 days – making sure skin has completely healed and rejuvenated.  Rhonda Allison uses the power of pumpkin to brighten and plump away fine lines, while AHA’s soften and smooth cellular buildup.




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