How to do a Pumpkin Enzyme Facial at home

Enzymes are considered a “natural" option to acids because they are fruit derivatives. Using an enzyme is an excellent way to exfoliate for sensitive skin types who can not tolerate acids. They work by removing dead skin and refining pores and will not make your skin sensitive to the sun.

Pumpkin enzyme is a natural source of vitamin A, in addition to vitamin C and other antioxidants, all of which can help smooth, clear, and brighten your skin.

How often should you do an at home peel?

Every two weeks to once a month, depending on the peel you chose, you may end up over-exfoliating your skin by doing your home peel more frequently than that. Remember that over exfoliation can disrupt your skin's the protective layer of your skin, and leave your skin raw, leading to more skin concerns such as sensitivity.

Please note: after any at home peel, you have to follow up with sun protection SPF 30+ every day.

1. Cleanse skin with Pumpkin Lactic Cleanse. Massage cleanser into skin for several minutes. Rinse well with tepid water and gentle pat dry.

2. Apply a small amount of *Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme with soft brush or fingers; gently massage into skin for 3 - 5 minutes. Remove enzyme with warm water and clean soft wash cloth; blot skin dry.

3. Place 1 pump of Pumpkin Lotion onto gauze or cotton pad and apply to clean, dry skin. Let absorb.

4. Remove a small amount of Milk Mask and apply to skin with a soft brush or fingers. Let remain on skin for 10 - 15 minutes and remove with tepid water and soft wash cloth.

5. Dispense 1 pump of Pure Hydration and Antiox 18 Complex serum onto fingertips, spread evenly across skin, then gently massage into skin. Let serums absorb.

6. Apply night moisturizer or sun protection

*For sensitive skin types

Mix equal parts of Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme and Milk Mask together

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