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Neova Products

Loisstores is an authorized Neova retailer.   Free-fast shipping.  We carry Neova skin care products including DNA Total Repair and Neova Power Defense serum.   Neova Night Therapy Moisturizer is a face cream for a healthy aging skin care routine.  Neova sunscreens with DNA enzymes repair.

Does Neova Work?

Copper is now known to be critical to the normal repair and healing process in all tissue, including connective tissues that comprise human skin, internal organs and bones

Clinical research has confirmed that copper and DNA repair plays an important role in skin health. By stimulating the skin’s ability to self-correct, copper is a potent collagen and elastin agent and plays an antioxidative function in the body, increasing the benefits of natural tissue structure processes. The role of DNA repair enzymes has been documented in multiple clinical studies, proving that the consequences of UV-induced damage can be significantly reduced..     

Copper peptides has been shown to fight free radicals due to environmental damage and  helps optimize the natural production of new collagen and elastin as it helps to optimize natural cell turnover.   Copper peptides with DNA repai enzymes reduce the appearance of photoaging.