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Fruit Enzyme Facial

Our exclusive Fruit Enzyme Facial Treaments uses various blends of digestive fruit enzymes to not only dissolve dead cells.  The fruit enzymes improves your skin's condition by targeting environmental and hormonally skin damage. Nutritional serums and vitamin enriched mask completes completes your facial.

Benefits of Fruits Enzyme

Passionfruitincreases blood circulation to tone and firm the skin

Raspberry - soothes red irritated skin, soften and calms sensitve skin

Coconut/Papaya - moisturizing, antioxidant high in vitamin C and beta carotene, helps soften skin, gently dissolves dead skin cell for blackhead removal.  Great from rough, dry and wrinkle skin.

Lemon -  helps reduce hypigmentation and melasma, brightens the skin.  High in vitamin C and anti-aging.

Pumpkin - helps your skin become smooth, blemish-free and glowing.  Pumpkins have high levels of  beta-carotene (natural vitamin A) that  help suppress melanin and lighten pigment.  Studies have  proven that topical beta-carotene penetrates well into human epidermis.  Pumpkins increase cell turnover, not only making it an effective resurfacing ingredient, but also a potent antioxidant treatment.

Cherry - For normal and combination skin with pigmentation.  Antioxidant and antiaging

Cranberry to reduce oil and surface bacteria.   Cranberry is an excellent antioxidant to reduce inflammation associated to acne.

60 minutes      $80