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Ultrasound Toning Beauty Tool

$ 45.00 $ 90.00

Combines ultrasonic massage and photon radiance functions. The ultrasonic can permeate into deep tissues; the ultrasonic microvibration stimulates cells, sparking an accelerated rejuvenation effect, and the three hues of photon light, all natural rays, target improving the look of skin affected by acne, blemishes, and wrinkles. Each color of light has shown some promise in scientific studies of beneficial effects on particular conditions that affect the look of the skin.

Skin Care Tip -  Use with Rhonda Allison:

Pimples Lighter skin appearance
Deep Cleansing Smoothing the look of wrinkles
Skin Elasticity Feels Improved Pores Appear Minimized
Firmer-looking Skin Help retain Moisture

Why You Need Ultrasonic Handheld Massager

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