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Retinol Supreme Serum - Family Shopping Store

Rhonda Allison Retinol Supreme Serum

$ 50.00

Rhonda Allison Retinol Supreme is a retinol anti-aging serum that works deep into the skin for maximum skin regeneration support. It promotes improved texture, diminished fine lines, capillary strengthening, and an overall healthier appearance.  

Good for All Skin Types -  Skin Condition: Aging.


Lactic Acid- 

  • Reducing fine lines
  • Improving skin tone and texture
  •  Brightens 
  • Fading pigmentation and evening out the color of your skin
  • Help control and prevent oiliness and breakouts



Be aware when using a retinol product - must use with SPF 30 Sunscreen.

How To Use:

Some may use nightly and others once or twice a week. It is best to use at night after a thorough cleansing. Some redness, dryness, and flaking at various stages of using serum; once the skin exfoliates it will rebound and replenish.

Skin Care Tip:  

  • Use with Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum for additional anti-aging benefits
  • Use with Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence Hydration Drops to help relieve flaking and dryness.
  • Retinol Supreme is an active corrective and may require guidance from your esthetician

Key Ingredients:


Lactic Acid (L) – Offers increased hydration, supportive cell turnover, and regeneration of skin cells.

Retinol – Encapsulated properties allow for more precise delivery to cells, resulting in a natural transition to retinoic acid.

Algae Extract – Micro-algae taken from natural habitats in salt lakes has outstanding skin energizing properties; the highly purified extract protects the mitochondria of skin cells and increases cell turnover. With energizing, destressing elements and overall radiant luminous glow, this algae provides skin with a unique synergy



Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water,  Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Alcohol, Squalane, Lactic Acid (L), Retinol, Carnitine (L), Polysorbate 20, Algae Extract, Xanthan Gum 

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